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What Makes Walden Special?

Waldenites live for the fun, friendships, and new experiences that summer brings. In addition to the activities and special events that occur at camp, there are many cherished traditions that make Walden a special place. Below are some of our most important traditions:

Honor System – The core values upon which Walden was founded: respect, trust, consideration, and cooperation. Campers learn to take responsibility for their actions and to consider the needs, thoughts, and feelings of others.

girls-on-boulderCampsisters and Second-mates – Every new camper is assigned an older camper who serves as her campsister all summer long. Older campsisters act as special friends on whom younger girls can depend for support. During a camper’s second summer at Walden, she is assigned a second-mate, an older camper who provides extra attention and warmth.

Singing – There is a lot of singing at Walden. Girls sing at mealtime, camp meeting, before bunk shows, while walking to activities – anytime and anywhere. There are many opportunities for campers to write and perform original songs.

Splash – The camp yearbook, organized and edited by the two oldest age groups, is distributed at the end of the summer. Campers spend the last few days writing special notes to each other in Splash, and they enjoy reading it  throughout the school year.

Leadership – As campers grow and learn, they become the leaders at camp.  Girls in Bunk 12, the oldest age group, have many responsibilities for the special events of the summer. Girls in Bunk 11 assist Bunk 12, so they are prepared to lead camp the following summer.