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Everyone at Camp Walden wears camp uniform.  Camp uniform must be worn at all times when you are in camp and on most trips and activities out of camp.  For staff this means brown or tan shorts.  Sport shorts, khakis, etc.; brown or tan pants or blue jeans (please no overalls,) and long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless white t-shirts or knit polo shirts; (basic men’s undershirts are fine but please no tank tops; and brown, white, cream or tan sweatshirts, fleeces or sweaters.  Camp will provide you with 4 staff t-shirts that you may count on as part of your uniform.  Personal clothes (non-uniform) may be worn in camp on Friday and Sunday evenings and on your time off.

Because we know they are hard to find, each summer we sell staff brown sports shorts at what they cost us.  The Head Counselor will be in touch with you about these shorts.

Female waterfront staff (swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding sailing, and waterskiing) are required to wear a navy blue or black one piece swimsuit.  Male staff are required to wear trunk swimsuits.  It must be a solid color.  Campers wear brightly colored bathing suits.  Waterfront staff must also have some type of water shoes/sandals with a heel strap.  Please no Crocs or flip flops at the waterfront.  This is for your safety as it is a bit of a walk down hill to the waterfront and there are lots of rocks in the lake.  Flip flops may be used in the Shower House.

Tennis staff must provide their own tennis racquet and flat soled tennis shoes to be worn on our clay courts.  Tennis staff may wear “tennis clothes” while teaching tennis.

Riding staff must provide their own jodhpurs or blue jeans, proper riding footwear and a helmet.

Staff who will be leading trips or would like to go on hiking or canoeing trips with campers over the summer should bring a sleeping bag (we do have some at camp that we are happy to lend you for the summer,) hiking boots, hiking socks, a day pack, wicking clothing, a light hat and gloves.

Other  Items  to  Pack:

□      Water  shoes/sandals*
clothes  for  Friday  and  Sunday  nights  and  time  off
□      Raincoat  or  poncho
□      Bathrobe
□      Toiletries  (including  bug  spray  &  sunscreen)
□      Pillow  (provided  by  camp  if  you  would  like)
□      Bedding  for  a  cot  sized  bed  (provided  by  camp  if  you  would  like)
□      Laundry  bag
□      Flashlight  (there  is  no  electricity  in  the  camper  bunks)
□      2  Towels  and  2  Beach  towels      (provided  by  camp  if  you  would  like)
□      Camera
□      Tennis  racket
□      Sunglasses
*  All  footwear  worn  at  camp  must  have  a  heel-­‐strap.  Flip  flops  are  only  allowed  as  shower
shoes  and  are  not  to  be  worn  around  camp.

We provide Laundry Service for you once a week.  Everyone’s dirty clothing is sent to a local laundromat on Friday morning and is returned to camp washed, dried and folded on Saturday morning.  Everything in your laundry bag will be wash in it’s own washer.

Staff are required to keep most of their possessions in their bunk in a camp provided trunk. If you would like we also have pillows, sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels for you to borrow for the summer.

You will have the opportunity to go into town and buy toiletries and other personal items during pre-camp.  We will have shampoo and soap for you to use until we take this shopping trip.

Finally, this may sound funny, but please put your name on everything!  It’s bound to happen at least once during the summer that your laundry will get mixed up with someone else’s laundry or that you will leave a Walden sweatshirt on the landsports field.  Having your name in all of your belongings will ensure that you return home at the end of the summer with all of your belongings.