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A Typical Day at Walden

yoohooEvery morning at Walden begins with the yelling of the Yoohoo as campers wake up to another day of activities, friendship and fun. The ring of an old-fashioned bell lets campers know that a meal is about to start and that activities are about to begin or end.

Each camper has an individual schedule that is posted after each meal every day. Schedules are a combination of required activities and camper choice. Campers attend activities with girls in their age group or skill level, depending upon the activity. Cabin groups are together for inspection and rest hour; shower hour at the end of the day is a chance for campers to have some unscheduled time to be with their friends and clean up for dinner. Each evening following dinner the entire camp participates in an evening activity.

After the evening activity everyone enjoys milk and cookies and then goes to their cabins to get ready for bed. When the Taps bell rings, the oldest campers serenade the bunk area with a few campfire songs and the traditional “day is done….”.