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Health & Safety

Walden has two live-in Registered Nurses who work under the standing orders of a doctor who is located fifteen minutes away. The doctor is associated with Bridgton Hospital which has an emergency room, a camper walk-in clinic and an urgent care facility.

All campers are required to have a current and completed health history form on file at camp which includes a “permission to treat” provision, and emergency contact information. Copies of this information are sent with campers on trips.

Nurses dispense daily medication following each meal at our infirmary and health center and are available at the same time for minor needs.  A nurse is available 24 hours a day at camp in case of emergency. Parents are notified by phone if a camper is kept overnight at the health center or if they need to visit the doctor or emergency room. Parents with medical concerns may contact the director or speak with one of our nurses as necessary.