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Visiting Day and Area Lodging

Visiting days for 2018 are July 21st OR July 22nd.

Each summer we invite our campers’ families to join us for a day. Come and meet the staff, counselors, and your daughter’s friends. You will have the opportunity to share activities with your daughter and learn about her life at camp.

Both visiting days begin at 9:15 am. Plan to spend the day with us enjoying your daughter, camp activities, and a delicious camp lunch.  You will want to bring a swimsuit, towel and comfortable shoes in order to be able to take advantage of all of the activities offered during your visit.  Both days will end at 4:00 pm with the exception of Bunk 11 families.  Bunk 11 families are invited to stay on Saturday, July 21st for the Bunk 11 Bunk Show from 4:45 to 6:00 pm.  If your daughter is scheduled to leave camp at the end of 4 weeks she will be packed and ready to leave with you after your visit.  We do hope you will plan to spend some or all of the day with us before you take her home.

Younger sisters of current campers are invited to sleep over at Walden the night prior to your visit. If your family will be visiting camp on Saturday, July 22nd we ask that you stop by camp to drop your younger daughter off at the Main House between 4 and 5:30 pm on Friday July 2oth.   This will give us plenty of time to check her in and have her join us for dinner.  For families visiting on Sunday, July 22nd we ask that you drop your younger daughter off at the Main House between 4:00 and 4:30 pm on Saturday,  July 22nd so we will have time to check her in and then she can join us for the Bunk 11 Bunk Show.  Younger sisters will need a change of clothing, pajamas and toiletries.

A few reminders to ensure that we all have a wonderful visit!

  • Visiting Day begins at 9:15 am in the camper’s bunks followed by staff introductions on the front porch of the Main House.  This gives us time to eat breakfast and make our beds in anticipation of your visit.  We know that you will be anxious to see your daughter(s).
  • The girls are very excited to have you visit them and we are sure that you are also very excited to visit.  We know that you will bring many treats for them and we ask that you limit these treats to what you believe they can eat while you are visiting.  Lots of extra treats will only upset their stomachs.  Please know that on Monday, following your visit, we will collect any uneaten treats and throw them away.
  • CAMP WALDEN IS TREE NUT AND PEANUT FREE!  We do not serve tree nut and peanut products at camp.  In consideration of the campers and staff at camp with these food allergies please do not bring these products into camp on visiting day.  Thank you!
  • Campers request camp activities to show and do with you while you are visiting them at camp.  They will be given a schedule for you to follow during your visit.  None of these activities are mandatory.  You may also choose to spend some time relaxing and visiting with your daughter(s) around camp.  Staff will be expecting you at activities so please do let them know if you choose not to participate.
  • Remember that we have campers and staff at camp who are afraid or allergic to animals.  We do not permit animals to visit camp.
  • Visiting Day will end at 4:00 pm with the exception of Bunk 11 families on Saturday.  Please know that saying good-bye to your daughter(s) may be the hardest part of your visit.  Please also know that we will be there to whisk the girls away to a special dinner and evening activity so please try to make your departure brief.  We are prepared to give an extra hug to those girls who are feeling sad.  Thank you.

Area Lodging

There are many places to stay while visiting Camp Walden, both in Maine and New Hampshire. Here is a list of suggested places.